From Intern to Diversity Scholarship Recipient to Future Associate: What Draws Kalund Brodie to DHG

Kalund Brodie in graduation cap and gown

DHG recently announced the recipient of the DHG Diversity Scholarship, Kalund Brodie. DHG developed a diversity scholarship award program to support the firm’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity and mission of building valuable careers. The purpose of this program is to support traditionally underrepresented candidates in the pursuit of graduate or post graduate certificates in Accounting or other fields.

Kalund Brodie, a current student in the NCSU Master of Accounting program, has displayed remarkable academic excellence and leadership achievements. It is an honor to be able to provide assistance to a well-deserving and hardworking student like Brodie.

Brodie completed his fourth internship with DHG this summer and shares more about what drew him to the accounting industry and DHG.

What drew you to accounting in the first place?

I joined the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) my freshman year of college. My goal was to establish connections in the finance industry, but I spoke with a couple of folks who convinced me to look into auditing. That same year, I landed an internship with EY and loved the concept of auditing! Both of my parents are CPA's, so they've always encouraged a career in accounting.

How did you land an internship with DHG? What kept you coming back to DHG year after year?

I went to a Triangle Student Night hosted by the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants and met a representative from the DHG Raleigh office. After hearing more about DHG, I was sold on the firm and the benefits of a prominent regional firm, like DHG. I had the opportunity to interview in the Raleigh office and was offered a position to work for a month during a busy season. After interning for only one month, I knew I didn’t want to leave DHG. Everyone I worked with took the time to show me the ropes, despite busy season challenges. Thankfully, I was able to return for three more internship rotations! Each internship rotation, people at the firm showed they truly cared for me and my interests. The level of care for my professional and personal growth at DHG is unmatched.

The Diversity Scholarship is part of DHG’s effort to support underrepresented candidates in the Accounting field. What is DHG doing well in the area of Inclusion and Diversity? Are there any examples of ways you’ve felt welcomed and included during your team experiences

I think what DHG does best is hire great people that can carry out the firm’s four core values: Trust, Relationships, Passion and Innovation. I noticed DHG hires people from many different backgrounds, which allows for a remarkable experience that stimulates professional growth, fosters team spirit and provides excellent client service.

I remember volunteering at the DHG Leadership Conference. When I walked in, I was met with genuine excitement and the office volunteers took the time to get to know me. This is just one example of how I’ve always felt welcomed and included. I think creating an inclusive workplace is another thing DHG does well.

What advice do you have for future DHG interns?

Find what you're truly passionate about outside of work and share it with your colleagues. For example, I have a passion for helping others. After poking around and asking questions, I found that the new Operational Performance Improvement service line is something I would be interested in, as it combines my interest in auditing and helping others. Now, it is my goal to land a position in that service line, and someone even helped me map out how to achieve this goal. Partners and leaders at DHG are more than willing to help you find an intersection between the services offered at the firm and your individual passions.

What are you most looking forward to about graduating?

I'm looking forward to getting paid to learn, rather than paying to learn. Every day in public accounting, especially audit, will be an opportunity to continue to learn. I can't wait to hone in on my craft, figure out how to find and enhance value, and become a great auditor!

Brodie looks forward to joining the DHG Raleigh office in October 2021 as an Assurance Associate.

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