In Their Words: What Our Alumni Say about Their DHG Experience

We asked our Alumni to share how DHG added value to their careers, their favorite DHG memories or positive impacts from their DHG colleagues or leaders. And they affirmed that their time working at DHG provided them memorable and impactful career experiences. 

Through the following Career Impact Quotes, DHG Alumni share their powerful alumni stories in their words.  


“DHG is the place to be… a community for family unity!”

Tonia Peppers

“DHG provided me with invaluable industry experience, growth opportunities, and a strong professional network that continues to pay dividends.”

Brandon Kohr 

“DHG was a significant season of my career. Working in a "people first" environment often felt like being a part of another family. DHG has the type of leadership that makes work-life balance manageable.”

Cathy Hoffer

“DHG exposed me to brilliant colleagues and strengthened my confidence to lead a team on client engagements. I remember the encouragement to build a network by catching up with peers and leaders over coffee breaks.”

Manny Darko

“Among all companies I worked at, DHG had the greatest influence on my professional career, and the guidance from my mentors Jim Merrick and Bill Rogers allowed me to grow into the person I am today.”   

-Ryan Williams 


“DHG empowered me to dig down deep and discover my passion and heart for serving others. Without the Risk Advisory team at DHG, especially Christina Howard and Karen Furstenberg, as well as Kate Stewart, I would never have the confidence to pursue my ultimate career goals and dreams! Thank you DHG!”

-Katherine Mattingly


“DHG provides the tools and training necessary to become your best self. Thankful for the focus on their people and their careers!”

-Paul Burke


“Starting my career at DHG was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had the opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally while making lifelong friends in the process.”

-Megan Williamson


“I learned so much from my time at DHG and am appreciative of how supportive leadership was in giving opportunities to develop my professional career and also ensuring I had a fulfilling personal life. That leadership has certainly helped in my career and life moving forward.”

-Justin Long 


“I was a new mom who was far away from her family and struggling to find a good work life balance. I decided to speak to my mentor Tara Thomas. She never once focused on what was best for the firm or the bottom line; she only focused on helping me do what was best for me in my career and my personal life. I will forever appreciate that in a mentor!”

-Tori Robbins


“The experience and professional networking opportunities during my time with DHG were incredible.  But the fond memories, friendships, and mentor relationships will last a lifetime.   Seeing former colleagues at CPE events is like a family reunion!”

-Shelly Suggs


“My colleagues and mentors at DHG deeply cared about my professional development and provided a great work environment. DHG's excellent culture is the reason why I always tell my current students that a good firm culture is among the most important features to look for in a future employer.”

-Thomas Godwin


“My favorite memory of being at DHG was being able to meet so many likeminded people during my internship training. DHG had showed me that they really do value Life Beyond Numbers.”

-Sophia Islam 


“DHG has helped me grow as an individual and learn to step out of my comfort zone. I am thankful for all the great memories I made with the Richmond tax team this summer!”

-Grant Watson


“Best career advice I ever received from my DHG mentor: ‘Always be working yourself out of a job.’”

-Robert Kilgore


“Having access and communication with other industry leads allowed me to incorporate best practices in the GovCon group. It directly impacted our growth and staff development.”

-Gregg Funkhouser


“I was a partner who moved from the Charleston office to the Charlotte office.   This move gave me the opportunity to learn new skills as I changed the niche area of my practice.  DHG provided me the opportunity to engage in a new career path, even in the late stages of my work life.  I valued the people that I worked with and learned from them as well.   It is never too late to learn new skills or change the trajectory of your career, especially at DHG.”

-Paul Saltzman


“Jason Byrd in the Roanoke, VA office was instrumental in my adjustment to work life after college.   He went out of his way to guide me in understanding the audit world, balancing work with family, and also how to develop relationships with clients beyond the just work at hand.” 

-Charles Gardner


“Over my 12-year career with DHG as a tax accountant, I obviously built an extensive base knowledge of tax law, but more importantly, I was able to hone in on my listening skills from both client and coworker conversations. Learning to truly listen was instrumental in developing effective communication skills that allowed me to express my thoughts in ways both my clients and coworkers could understand. Both are life skills I will use throughout my career.”

-Harmony Romo


“Retired Partner, Jeff Karr personified what a good mentor should be. I never saw him lose his cool; he guided and directed me without forcing me into any particular direction. He believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. I will be forever grateful to him for that.”

-Melinda Davis


“Larry Hughes, who built the healthcare practice from scratch, had indominable optimism and tried to pass that on by saying: ‘When a prospect says no, what they really mean is not now.’”

-Hunter Cook


“My partner at DHG, Mike Kelly, taught me what it means to lead by example. Mike has a way to make everyone feel like a valuable part of the team by clearly demonstrating that he cares about their professional and personal growth. Mike even stays in touch with me to this day, even years after departing from DHG.”

-Amber Miller


“My time at DHG instilled in me a curiosity about auditing and a passion for the value of a career in accounting. This ultimately led me to pursue my PhD and a career in academia, where I still draw on my experiences at DHG in both my research and teaching. The people and opportunities at DHG had a profound impact on where I am today as I work to train the next generation of accountants.”

-Sarah (Barron) Stuber


“On Good Friday in 1991, Tom Walden arranged for me to meet with Ken Hughes on Orange Street in Asheville.   During that meeting, Ken said: ‘Garry, if you want to work around smart people, then you have to be growing. Because otherwise, you can't afford 'em.’”

-Garry Bowman


“Remembering Tom Wilson as a visionary leader that we lost too soon. Tom was also a great negotiator convincing my firm to merge with Goodman & Co. and next leading Goodman & Co. in its merger to become DHG.”

-Gregory Lawson

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