DHG’s Change Hub Presents: How Trey Ackerman Leads Through Immense Change

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DHG Change Hub Presents: Change Makers

Over the past six weeks we have all flexed our change muscle. No two days have been the same. As part of our Change Makers podcast series, an extension of our Change Hub communications, we have a special podcast series to highlight some of our change makers who lead the way both inside and outside of the firm.

The DHG Change Hub manages the pace, cadence, communications and implementation of change at DHG. This podcast series puts a spotlight on individuals who have taken change leadership to the next level; those who believe that not only can we change for the good personally and professionally but perhaps, just perhaps, we may create a change in the communities and the world we live in. These bold souls are doing amazing things to be the change we want to see in the world. They believe that – We can do anything! These leaders exemplify the courage to embrace change, both inside and outside of DHG.

Trey Ackerman joined us just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and we are excited to bring him back to share how he is leading through this time of intense and immense change.

Trey Ackerman

Portrait of Trey AckermanTrey is often asked what does DHG do and what is your role in the firm?; And his answer always gets attention. Trey states that we are “in the life changing business.” Trey truly believes that we are in the business of changing lives…both inside and outside of DHG. In addition to leading the tax practice into double digit growth, he is on a quest to help make DHG famous for our strategic flexibility plan and for the way in which we approach inclusion and diversity. His steadfast focus on these important elements of our people strategy manifests itself inside the firm as he sets an example for others to follow and outside of the firm through his amazing work with the Young Black Leadership Alliance – truly changing lives inside and outside of DHG.

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