DHG Shining STARS - Journey to a BIG Life

Annie SimpsonEmpowering an employee creates an unseen force of great confidence!  With confidence there are many things that come as a result; however, I will take a minute to name just a few:  strength, courage, and a mentality to take the lead without fear of failure.

Recently, DHG graciously invested in many of its Administrative Professionals by giving us the opportunity to get our CEAP (Certified Executive Assistant Professional) Certification via Office Dynamics’ Star Achievement Series.

Many of DHG’s Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Client Service Accountants set out on this “journey” to live a “BIG Life” not knowing truly how valuable our profession is, our value as individuals, and our value collectively. On this “journey” there have been shared losses, gains, tears, laughter, encouragement, constructive criticism, professional growth, self assessment, friendships made, and many life changing moments!

Seeing individuals come to realize that they have great qualities, many talents, awesome abilities, and extreme creativity was so encouraging. As a collective group, the empowerment of each individual created immense unity and has made us “one” true force to be reckoned with (in a totally positive way). Knowing that DHG has so many skilled, talented, creative and amazing forward thinking Administrative Professionals within one Firm is exciting and truly empowering. The confidence, relationships, and unity formed in the Star Achievement Series will help us as the “journey” of our “BIG Life” continues.

I encourage us as Administrative Professionals to continue to grow and flourish in our careers, in our relationships with our Partner/Manager, with our Team (co-workers), and with our Clients. We should never get discouraged and feel like we are not adding value. We are adding immense value!

We will smile in the face of opposition. We will maintain our positive attitude under pressure. We will surround ourselves with people that push us to grow and give us true and honest feedback. We will encourage one another along this “journey” of living the “BIG Life”!

Thank you DHG for investing in me and the Administrative Professional TEAM!

Annie is the Office Manager in Raleigh, NC.  She is the mother to two amazing girls, Faith and Katie, and when she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and playing piano.

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