DHG Alumna Tyler Nutter – Insights on Her DHG Experience to Today

Tyler (Knollmann) Nutter started her career at DHG attending DHG Leadership Conference, interning twice for DHG in Richmond and Charlotte and working full time in our Charlotte audit department. After her time at DHG, she worked in the manufacturing industry and this summer, she accepted a dream job as Director of Financial Reporting at a regional credit union. Fun fact - Her husband Zach actually works at DHG in Charlotte! They met in school at Clemson and started in the same class at DHG.

What factors influenced your decision to work at DHG at the beginning of your career?

The DHG work environment and chemistry with my team members definitely influenced me. DHG’s reputation for excellent client service was also a factor – I knew some DHG clients who had some fantastic things to say about DHG. 

What were some important ways DHG helped lay the foundation for your career in both your internships and time as an associate?

Right away, there was so much emphasis on time management and task prioritization, which are skills that have been so helpful for me in my roles thus far. Getting outside of my comfort zone, speaking to clients and getting into situations where I was given the space to learn were all very positive experiences. It was ok to learn, make mistakes and develop on the job. Having those experiences was invaluable and helped build my confidence. 

If you had to state one or two reasons why you are better because of being at DHG, what would those be?

I am better because of the encouragement to be a self-starter; that was ingrained in me while I was at DHG. I learned how to assess a situation and contribute where the team needed me. We were also empowered to be analytical thinkers at DHG, and those are skills that are highly valued in any job. 

We are always hoping to see our people thrive in public accounting and strive to be on an upward career path in our firm. With your own experience, what insights and career tips would you offer?

One thing that is unique about public accounting is that you have a very clear view of your upward career path; there was a tangible view of where my career could go and that was something I really liked. The first few years out of school working, you change so much – your interests, your priories and goals can shift, and that’s ok. What’s great about the accounting industry is that you can grow, change and move to a new path. I think it’s beneficial to evaluate what your career path can look like but also give yourself grace to know that your priorities could change down the road.

What does being a part of the DHG Alumni Network mean to you and how does it help your career?

The network of people you meet everywhere – whether in your undergrad programs, grad school, accounting or industry events – is so valuable. When you meet a previous or current DHG teammate – you have a great deal in common with that person already – a similar set of values, work ethic and how we treat clients. 

In my role now, I would turn to people at DHG to ask how they are approaching certain guidelines, such as leases or revenue recognition, and industry trends to stay in the know. As DHG continues to grow, it is so helpful for me and other alumni to have that knowledge base to rely on.

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