Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Diana Parra-Gonzalez

Picture of Diana Parra-GonzalezAs Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off, we caught up with Diana Parra-Gonzalez, an executive assistant to DHG's senior leadership team and one of the founding members of DHG's Latin American Common Interest Group to discuss why we should celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? How do you celebrate it?

Hispanic Heritage Month is about paying homage to those who have shaped who we are today and recognizing the influence of Latino culture and lifestyle in mainstream America. Growing up in New York City, a melting pot of diversity, I never really thought much about my heritage or being Colombian, it's just who I was. As I got older, I came to acknowledge and appreciate that heritage fully. I recall celebrating this month by attending various festivals or simply by getting family together and enjoying good company along with some AWESOME FOOD! One very important lesson from my parents that I now live by is that of embracing my culture and who I am as a person.

Why are you excited to be leading the Latin American Network Common Interest Group at DHG?

I have deep pride in my Hispanic roots and a fervent dedication to the advancement and progress commonly displayed by so many people of Latino descent. At a previous organization, I had the opportunity to immerse myself within the Inclusion & Diversity realm and quickly realized I have a earnest interest in this field. I was also lucky enough to work alongside a Latino senior executive, who I must admit, made a lasting impact on my professional life. Working with him helped me understand the value of bringing diverse ideas and backgrounds to the table, allowing us to tackle business issues from all different angles. I'm so excited to be co-leading the Latin American Common Interest Group and to celebrate the Hispanic/Latino culture as a trusted, cross-cultural partner and advocate for the advancement of our inclusion at DHG.

What are some initial objectives for the Latin American Network Common interest?

We're focused on aligning our priorities with each of the firm's Common Interest Groups for learning, leadership, and a sense of community where you can learn more about a particular group and address unique interests, needs, and challenges. Our network aligns with the firm's I&D mission of actively embracing and leveraging both differences and similarities of all backgrounds and cultures.

Picture of DHG's Latin American Common Interest Group

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