Celebrating Black History Month at DHG

In honor of Black History Month, DHG's African American Network Common Interest Group is spotlighting several African American professionals across the firm. Continue reading to learn about their career development at DHG, their advice for candidates interested in joining the firm, and more!

What advice would you give a candidate who wants to join DHG?

Michael Crittenden (Manager): The best advice I could provide for someone joining DHG is to get involved, network, and drive your career.

Norlin Evans (Director): Reach out and speak with DHG professionals to obtain first-hand knowledge of their experiences at the firm. DHG is a great place to start and continue to develop your career.

Portrait of Stacy MoultrieStacy Moultrie (Manager): Always be open to exploring different engagements to discover what service line works for you. DHG cares about its people and wants everyone to be happy with the work they are completing every day.

Wesley McLeod (Partner): To be adaptable and reliable. You are joining a great organization that is continuously growing and it is imperative to be open and willing to grow with the firm.

Mike Stallworth (Manager): Be sure to find your fit, which I believe starts with the people. At the end of the day, accounting, auditing, tax, etc. can be done almost anywhere. The people and culture are what distinguishes our firm from competitors. Since joining the firm, I’ve seen countless examples of the firm providing opportunities that support our people - whether in their work life or personal life. When you see those opportunities or experience them first-hand, it reinforces the fact that firm leadership really wants what’s best for our people.

Keon Stevenson waiting in line at Smithsonian African American MuseumKeon Stevenson (Manager): Be curious and don’t hesitate to ask questions, even the difficult ones.

What's the most inspiring part of your job?

Michael Crittenden: The most inspiring part of my job is seeing the passion and dedication from other DHG professionals to provide client service that stands out from our competitors.

Norlin Evans: The most inspiring part of my job is working with professionals to develop their careers, and helping clients solve business problems.

Stacy Moultrie: The constant reminder that I’m transferring knowledge to clients and helping them accomplish their financial needs.

Wesley McLeod: Helping to develop and grow the careers of team members as we work in an evolving environment to add value to our clients.

Mike Stallworth: Working with like-minded professionals with similar goals and aspirations of becoming whatever you believe is success.

Keon Stevenson: Building relationships with clients and ultimately being their trusted business advisor. I enjoy when clients reach out to me on difficult issues and they have the confidence that I will help them find the right solution.

How has DHG helped you in your career development?

Michael Crittenden: DHG has helped by providing opportunities to develop my soft/technical skill sets via client engagements and relevant CPE opportunities.

Norlin Evans: DHG has provided me the opportunity to enhance my technical and business development skills.

Stacy Moultrie: DHG has helped me become better at communicating with others and public speaking as I continue to build relationships with clients and assist with staff training. I’ve also gained technical knowledge to pass along to co-workers and clients.

Portrait of Wesley McLeodWesley McLeod: Throughout my career at DHG, I have been fortunate to have several mentors, who have provided me with critical feedback and guidance that has helped me grow and develop.

Mike Stallworth: The firm has provided me the opportunity to develop my technical capabilities with challenging engagements, fellowship with PSG, and much more. I’ve also had the opportunity to cultivate skill sets such as people development to become a more well-rounded professional.

Keon Stevenson: DHG has helped me develop and hone my communication and listening skills, which in turn has strengthened my confidence to deliver excellent client service. Also, DHG has created a networking environment, internally and externally, that has allowed me to form life-long friendships.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

Michael Crittenden: I would go to Hawaii. I keep hearing how amazing it is, so I would love to see it in person.

Norlin Evans: Right now, I am interested in traveling to Greece. I love being near the ocean and islands.

Stacy Moultrie: Paris because I’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and I haven’t traveled outside of the U.S. yet.

Wesley McLeod: Hong Kong. I would like to travel across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the world’s largest bridge and a modern engineering marvel.

Portrait of Mike StallworthMike Stallworth: No fancy resorts for me! A month-long stay at Disney World. There is no greater reward for me than seeing my kids smiling from ear-to-ear, truly priceless.

Keon Stevenson: Barbados, because it has perfect weather (not too hot), great food, beautiful beaches and friendly locals.

DHG's African American Network was formed in 2016 as a resource to help promote a culture of inclusion. The AAN supports the recruitment, retention and career development of African American employees to benefit DHG's clients and the communities that the firm serves.

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