A Running Club for Everyone

Back in February, when we officially launched the DHG Charlotte Run Club, we described it like this: Whether you’re a “1-mile-just-for-fun-twice-a-year-when-the-weather-is-good” runner, an “I-subscribe-to-Runners-World-magazine” runner, or anything in between – the DHG Charlotte Run Club has something for everyone!

And we mean it.  The club may have evolved because Steven Khoury, who co-heads the club with me, and I are both runners (I stick mainly to half -marathons, Steven is signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall), but we wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone in our market.  We wanted to create something that even people who are intimidated by running (but deep down are kind of curious) would consider exploring.

“One Size Fits All” rarely works – but that’s especially true in running. Some people are great first thing in the morning (that would be me). Other people prefer the release of running after a long day at the office. Some people run a 7-minute mile. Other people need walk breaks.  So when we were mapping out our Run Club strategy, we focused on making it inclusive of all runners, at all levels.

In general you can expect the following from the DHG Charlotte Run Club:

Once a month we will have a DHG “office” run organized by me and Steven for anyone in DHG’s Charlotte offices. We usually include 2 routes (2-3 miles and ~5 miles), and we have historically scheduled these for early morning.  And since we aren’t trying to set world records with our pace – we’re trying to have fun and enjoy some camaraderie with co-workers – don’t let the fact that you think you are SLOW hold you back from participating.

Once a month we will piggyback onto one of the myriad brewery runs in Charlotte.  So far we have done the Sycamore run and the Triple C run and turnout for these has been great as the 6:30 pm start time seems to be more appealing than 6 am. Plus, all of the brewery runs have multiple distance options starting with routes as short as 1 mile so anyone (even the most novice runner) can feel comfortable joining.  Even better, the post-run socializing over Charlotte’s burgeoning craft beer scene has been a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to meet people you may see around the office, but don’t know that well because they’re in a different service line.  Lastly, these runs offer an excellent opportunity to include clients and prospects who may also enjoy running.

Once a month we will participate in a local road race that is raising funds for a non-profit (and any races for non-profits that you run in count towards your DHG volunteer hours!). In February Steven ran the Super 4 Miler benefiting RunningWorks, and on April 16th I ran the Racefest half marathon which benefited several non-profits including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Boy Scouts of America.

Of course all of this is just an outline, and we are open to suggestions from our Charlotte folks on: Fun routes for the office run, preferred days and times for any runs, other brewery runs, local races benefiting a non-profit near and dear to your heart or other ideas we haven’t considered.

Especially as we head into the summer and warmer weather, the schedule will likely change since no one enjoys running in 100-degree heat…

Although “run” and “fun” are 2 words some of you would never use in the same sentence, I can’t stress enough that the DHG Charlotte Run Club is meant to be fun. It’s getting to know your co-workers outside of work. It’s finding common ground with a shared interest.  It’s challenging yourself physically. It’s getting out of your comfort zone. It’s trying something new.  So before you say “I am not a runner” or “that’s not for me,” consider joining us for one run.  One.

To quote running legend Steve Prefontaine: “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

And at the very least, there might be a beer at the finish line!

Sarah Paris works with DHG Wealth Advisors as a financial advisor in the Charlotte office. When not working or volunteering, Sarah is very active and can usually be found at FlyWheel or training for a half marathon.  She is also commissioner of her fantasy football league and a 2-time champion.  

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