SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund Page is Live with Sample Application

The SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund Webpage is live with updated information for potential recipients.

We would like to emphasize that in addition to the SBA Sample Application now available for your review; the SBA Restaurant Revitalization Funding Program Guide is also available to provide guidance on the program and the application process.

Highlights directly from the Program Guide:
How to Apply
  • There are three ways to apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
    1. Through a recognized SBA Restaurant Partner
    2. Through SBA directly at
    3. Telephonically at (844) 279-8898
  • Additional Information on SBA Restaurant Partner:
    The SBA developed partnerships with multiple recognized technology companies that provide software, hardware & payments services to the restaurant industry to help maintain wide and equitable distribution of relief. These partners are referred to as SBA’s Restaurant Partners or SBA’s Point-of-Sale (POS) Restaurant Partners. If you currently use one of the SBA’s Restaurant Partners, you can apply for funding through their website or secure portal. These partners developed capabilities to make it easier for applicants to calculate, validate, and submit applications to the SBA. The SBA encourages applicants who are using our partners to apply through their customized process – this will save time in preparing and processing the application. Each Restaurant Partner may have unique processes or supporting materials Applicants can use. SBA is actively working to add additional partnerships in the coming weeks. Please monitor for additional updates from the SBA on official partners and upon announcement, visit your partner of choice’s website to learn more information about their ability to support you in your application.
Priority in Funding Schedule
  • Days 1 - 21: SBA will accept applications from all eligible Applicants. During this period, SBA will distribute funds only for approved applications where the Applicant has self-certified that it meets the eligibility requirements for a small business concern owned by women, veterans, or socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.
  • Days 22 – End of program: SBA will accept applications from all eligible Applicants and distribute funds in the order in which applications are approved by SBA.
Use of Funds Validation
  • All Applicants have until March 11, 2023 to use award funds. Not later than December 31, 2021 all Applicants are required to report through the application portal how much of their award has been used against each eligible use category. If the Applicant fully expends their funds prior to December 31, 2021, they will be asked to certify in the application portal that proceeds have been used on eligible expenses. All Applicants that do not fully expend award funds prior to December 31, 2021 will be required to complete annual reporting submissions until they fully expend the award funding or the period of performance expires. SBA reserves the right to request supplemental documentation needed to validate the certification.

In addition to the highlights referenced herein, the SBA Restaurant Revitalization Funding Program Guide provides details on eligibility, funding amount, eligible uses of funds and documentation required.

We encourage all potential applicants to review this information and prepare the required forms and information to be ready to apply when the time is appropriate. The limited amount of funding and the number of potential applicants likely will mean that time is of the essence when applying for the grants.

For additional information about the Restaurant Revitalization Program, you can contact us at


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