Opportunities to Create Positive CX During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many changes to our daily lives, both personally and professionally, including how businesses are interacting with their customers. Many businesses are creating new customer touchpoints that were not previously used or tested. No matter what industry, workers are likely feeling stressed and that stress may bleed into customer interactions. These are real challenges and there will likely be both positive and negative customer experiences as a result.

The businesses that lead with their customer centric culture and continue to deliver positive experiences during challenging times will create increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Opportunities to Create Positive CX during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Opportunity How to Do
Frequent corporate communications to customers.
  • Acknowledge times are different and that there are challenges.
  • Outline your risk management plans and any changes you are instituting.
  • Frequently communicate with messages from Executives.
  • Build trust and confidence through transparency and explanation of risk management efforts.

Take care of your employees.
  • Recognize your employees will propel the desired customer experience culture.
  • Identify solutions to the challenges that your employees are facing (e.g., personal, technology, benefits, uncertainty, etc.).
  • Frequently communicate with messages from all levels, from Manager to CEO.
  • Re-emphasize your corporate mission and the value of your product for your customers, even during difficult times.
  • Perform pulse surveys to track employee engagement and morale.

Create a Customer Experience Task Force.
  • If you don’t already have one, create one.
  • Focus of this group is to:
    • Constantly think of the customer and how recent changes in business and processes will impact the customer.
    • Be an advocate for the customer.
    • Create a central repository where client facing employees can find talking points and resources to support customer interactions.
    • Encourage the creation of new journey maps, personas and empathy stories, and recalibrate customer feedback during these times.
    • Work with internal communications team to compile and share stories of exceptional customer service during trying times.

Introduce new processes and touchpoints to address the “current normal.”
  • Understand the current challenges.
  • Identify how your customer interactions will need to change.
  • Design new processes and touchpoints.
  • Test the processes and touchpoints, obtain feedback and measure.
  • Iterate, pivot and persevere.
  • Continue to measure.

Be prepared to respond when there is a breakdown in CX.
  • Acknowledge and own the breakdown in customer experience (e.g., wait times are too long, missed deadline, product delivered did not meet expectations, etc.).
  • Offer creative solutions to fix the relationship.
  • Close the feedback loop.
  • Learn from mistakes and incorporate customer feedback.

We Can Help

We stand ready to help you navigate the new risk landscape and have the expertise and capabilities to assist you and your organization through this difficult time. We can provide strategy and project consulting, full outsourcing, co-sourcing or staff augmentation. We have a deep bench of cross-industry experience and a history of helping our clients through short-term and long-term challenges.



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