Fueling our Talent with the DHG Experience

The guiding principles of our DHG Strategy – Talent, Leadership, Growth, Service and Performance – were designed to be interconnected. Each dependent on the other, we purposefully depict our strategy in a circle to visually demonstrate this connection. No one principle is greater or more important than the other.

DHG Strategy: Talent, Leadership, Growth, Service, Performance

However, given the current “War for Talent” and “Great Resignation,” I am seeing a heightened intersection between talent and growth. Across all industries, we are seeing unprecedented demand for talent due to historic levels of job openings while also experiencing record growth in client opportunities. We are at an inflection point, and we understand this is happening more broadly across the entire business community. Right now, for many businesses, the biggest limitation for growth is talent. Without the talent to continue to innovate and provide exceptional service, growth can be nearly impossible.

This is undoubtedly spurring an emphasis on recruiting and retaining employees and improving the holistic employee experience. At DHG, we are prioritizing and investing in talent. Even prior to the “Great Resignation,” we had a team hard at work collecting feedback and insights on our employees’ experience to better understand what is working well and what we could improve upon. We have coined the culmination of this work the DHG Experience. The goal of the DHG Experience is to make sure DHG is a place where every individual can become a better person and professional and build a lifelong valuable career.

The DHG Experience begins the first day someone interacts with the firm, progresses throughout their career and even continues as they become an alumnus. The DHG Experience touches on the key components of our culture – People, Careers and Flexibility – and includes everything from onboarding, coaching and development, expanding flexible career paths, prioritizing employee wellbeing and more. We are taking an integrated approach to the entire team member lifecycle with heavy emphasis on leadership, performance, and learning development along with coaching and personal accountability. Our tools and resources support team members and their continued efforts to grow and build a valuable career with DHG – recognizing that no two careers are identical, and the journey is unique for each person.

I am very grateful to be part of a firm that has always, and will always, prioritize our people, and we will continue to make DHG an even better place to build a valuable and meaningful career. As we begin to roll out the DHG Experience, here are three impactful initiatives that I am excited to see come to life later this year and into 2022:

  1. PEOPLE / Inclusion Week – Next month, we are hosting the inaugural DHG Inclusion Week. This will be a weeklong focus with events for both our people and clients. Building upon the foundation of education and awareness we strengthened last year, we are moving to prioritize action. We look forward to hosting a virtual event for our clients and community partners and celebrating the journey that we have traversed during the past year. A highlight of the week will be the publication of our inaugural Inclusion & Diversity annual report.
  2. CAREERS / Leadership Development – Performance and development is a critical part of how we build valuable careers with all of our people and we want to make sure everyone is equipped with the right skills for their development. In the coming months, we are expanding our leadership development courses and broadening our Leadership Academy to include a series of comprehensive, cohesive programs and experiences beginning at the Senior Associate level through Senior Leadership level. This will also help us revise our succession planning to help team members rise to new opportunities and positions.
  3. FLEXIBILITY / Align Groups – I could not be more excited about the development of our Align Groups, a critical component to maintain our culture in our new hybrid workforce, DHG Anywhere. To solve for the concern of having fewer casual interactions in the office, we are creating Align Groups comprised of teams of people who naturally align together. The groups, each led by a Partner or Managing Director, will meet on a consistent basis to maintain our connections in the hybrid workforce. The gatherings are not necessarily intended to discuss client engagements or updates – we strive to make these groups a place where teammates can connect both personally and professionally, engage in meaningful conversation among themselves and their leader, and develop comradery. Together, Align Groups might participate in a community service event, discuss a new service offering or a key development at the firm, celebrate life and career milestones or even host a book club discussion. We are currently piloting Align Groups to gain feedback on how they can best function before we roll them out firmwide in 2022.

We are better because the DHG Experience paves the way for a meaningful career and a purposeful life. I look forward to sharing more about the DHG Experience in the coming months.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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