Digital Marketing “Must Do’s” to Drive Higher Return

When it comes to digital marketing, all dealerships have the same goal – increasing the return on collective investment (growth in sales, higher repair order count, faster inventory turnover, lower cost per car sold, etc.). In order to take advantage of every available opportunity to increase that return on investment, the following are three key “must do’s” for consideration that can be pivotal in helping drive that desired higher return.

  1. Don’t silo your departments: Every department in your dealership stands to gain from working together, especially on the digital marketing front. Consider having your Facebook campaigns target (or re-target) new, used and service customers, as well as send e-blasts that offer markdowns on new or used product with a relevant service offer. Audio messages can also inform about extended service hours at the end of a video pre-roll clip. Not only can you add depth to your message, but you can leverage the full potential of each marketing channel for a larger audience and greater chance of return. All messaging should also be as consistent as possible.
  2. Conduct regular digital marketing audits: With enhancements in technology, implementing digital marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes has become increasingly more streamlined – this includes website management. But with ease can also come complacency, which can be a significant factor affecting poor return on a dealership’s advertising investment. A digital marketing audit can check for the website for broken links, vehicle listings without pictures or price, incorrect addresses, failure to mention trim or VIN numbers, as well as any specific offers that are featured in your monthly message. Ultimately, focus on user experience and content accuracy. The little details will go a long way in driving your customers further down the funnel and into your showroom.
  3. Communicate: Consider the last time you spoke with your vendors. While some may blame vendors for poor performance, it is still important to consider the communication and overall relationship with the vendor. If you are not communicating your thoughts, preferences or approval on items that represent your dealerships marketing message to your customers, now is the time to consider a focus on more involved communication. A minimum bi-monthly communication to the team(s) spending your marketing dollars is paramount in ensuring that both parties understand the goal and have the tools to deploy the strongest message.

While the list above is not entirely inclusive of the overall operational puzzle, these considerations can help keep you moving toward the goal of increasing return through digital marketing.

About DHG’s Digital Solutions Group

DHG Digital Solutions is a non-vendor, solution-oriented group within DHG’s Advisory practice. To help optimize performance of our dealership clients’ internal marketing departments and/or agencies, we review key performance indicators, financial benchmarks, vendor mix and overall strategy to achieve lower marketing costs, increased sales and better return on advertising investment.


Tyler Rauch
Senior Manager, Dealerships


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