DHG’s New Brand Identity

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of DHG’s new brand identity. At DHG, we want our brand to resonate and emotionally connect with our clients, future clients and people.  A modern, fresh, sophisticated visual approach supports these connections, which are strengthened by our brand attributes of technical knowledge, industry intelligence and future focused and links to how we serve our clients through being responsive, taking action and adding value.

DHG’s professionals are passionate about providing an unparalleled client experience as we listen, innovate and act to help our clients achieve their goals, and through our brand promise, we continue to deliver results today and prepare them for success tomorrow.

At DHG, we are future focused.


Danielle Cimato, Chief Marketing Officer, sat down with me to share more about DHG’s new brand identity and the process to develop the new identity. Danielle joined the firm in January 2020 and made instant impact leading the strategy and execution of our new brand.

MS: Thank you, Danielle, for joining me to dive deeper into the new brand. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and we decide to launch this project to change our brand creative. Could you walk me through this process, the timing and how the whole project came together?

DC: That’s a great question. We’re going through so much change due to the pandemic, why are we adding more change? We saw this time of immense change as an opportunity. In fact, the brand project has been a priority for the marketing team since the start of the new calendar year. We had these really powerful brand attributes and we needed to act quickly to review our creative support and truly ensure it reflected the DHG of 2020 and into the future. We had the words, but did we have the creative identity to bring it to life? And that answer was “no”, so we began our work. We made the decision to keep this project in-house as we were confident we had the talent internally that could get us where we needed to be. And I have to say, this has proven to be a really great decision, for many reasons, one of them being it allowed us to keep charging forward in this pandemic and, secondly, it confirmed the talent on the team. Most importantly, we view this project to be in direct alignment with your messages, Matt, as well as other leaders’ messages, that we are going to Emerge Strong. With that, COVID wasn’t going to slow us down, it wasn’t going to slow the team down and, in fact, that message really fueled us to complete this project. Now, we have a brand identity that will position us as a future focused firm as we Emerge Strong.

MS: That’s awesome. This is so great to hear. Danielle, you bring a wealth of digital marketing experience to our firm. One of the things you’ve really impressed upon us is the fact that our brand tells a story. What is the DHG story that emerges from our brand?

DC: As marketers we are story tellers. At DHG, we want our brand story to resonate and emotionally connect with our team members, our clients, future clients and our broader communities. We want our firm’s story to be told through how others see us, having extensive technical knowledge, deep industry intelligence and being future-focused, and how we serve our clients by being responsive, taking action and adding value. We are committed to help our clients achieve their goals, delivering results for them today and preparing them for success tomorrow. Now, our story is supported and shows through in a modern, fresh and sophisticated visual identity.

MS: That’s really great. One last question, what can we expect with the new brand launch?

DC: We are really excited to share our brand in the marketplace today. And we want this time to elevate how DHG’s professionals are passionate about providing an unparalleled client experience as we listen, innovate and act to help our clients, and now we have a visual identity that supports our firm as being future-focused serving clients nationally and internationally. While we have rebranded today, our efforts are evolving, they are consistently adapting to find better ways to meet the needs of our clients and supporting a greater client experience. So, while we are committed to our mission and our brand promise, we will always be innovating.

Lastly, I want to applaud the team that has been involved with this project bringing their passion, creativity and hard work every day.

MS: Many thanks to you and your team for all that you have done. It’s been inspiring to watch this evolve and I can’t thank you enough. I’m proud to be at DHG, I think all of us are, and this will just deepen the pride. Thank you again!


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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