DHG is a Great Place to Work for ALL!

Reflecting on the past year elicits a deep sense of pride. While we all experienced adversity during the pandemic, we have emerged stronger than ever – this is not only marked by our firm’s performance but also by the feedback and passion of each of you – our people. As a direct result, I am pleased to share that for the sixth year, we are certified as a Great Place to Work™.

Our annual DHG Voice survey gives every team member the opportunity to use their voice and share their feedback – and we want it all! We use this feedback to celebrate our successes, identify areas of opportunity and create action plans to improve these areas. The good news is 91% of our people agree that DHG is a great place to work. This accomplishment is a testament to ONE DHG, and we look forward to making enhancements to our workplace to continue to make it a great place to work.

Being a great place to work, means being a great place for ALL.

We envision DHG as a great place for ALL; this means not just for this group or that group - but truly for all people. As we continue our journey to build and maintain an inclusive workplace, we aim to have a workplace where ALL people feel the same sense of belonging. We took large strides over the past year to build a strong foundation of awareness, understanding and education, but now is our time to take action to create change. With this, we recognized our mission statement was ready to evolve to reflect this belief and understanding that EVERYONE counts.

At the heart of what we do is the mission we set years ago – to build valuable careers with our people and to help our clients achieve their goals.

This mission has informed everything we do at DHG, and it will continue to serve as our “North Star” to guide our decisions. And we want to make sure we are ALL represented in this mission – keeping our people first in our mission statement is foundational to who we are.

At DHG, we exist to build valuable careers with ALL of our people and to help our clients achieve their goals.

This subtle change to reinforce our intent by adding the word ALL reflects who we are today, and it reflects our culture of belonging.

I absolutely could not be more proud of how we have all worked together to serve our clients in extraordinary ways, to support each other and to build a more inclusive culture. AND it is humbling to see our Great Place to Work™ score reflect that our people feel the strength and the resilience of our firm and our collective team.

We are for all. We are greater as ONE DHG. We are stronger than ever.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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