Data Driven Decision-Making to Subdue Uncertainty and Fuel Growth

As healthcare providers across the globe adapt to the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 public health emergency, one thing is clear – this pandemic has become a transformational catalyst for the healthcare industry. With providers beginning to evaluate how to emerge strong in the "new normal," pursuing the "right" growth and service line optimization strategy is a critical piece to that emergence. In this installment of our FORWARD series, we explore the vital importance of providers' ability to make informed and real-time decisions – from the near-term tactical to long-term strategic. 

But these types of decisions are difficult, typically multi-leveled, and usually informed by both "fact" and opinion. For those reasons, the conclusion to decisions such as these can be elusive. Actionable analytics can help leaders avoid this type of inefficiency. The deployment of large scale data analysis, democratized by intuitive visualization platforms, can level understanding across decision-making teams, replace opinion with grounded facts, and draw out the critical insights that effective decision making requires.


Chris Masone
Principal, DHG Healthcare

Sam McGraw
DHG Healthcare

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