Connecting to our Greater Purpose

At our recent virtual ONE DHG Summit, Kahlil Greene, the first Black student body president at Yale and author of the Harvard Business Review article, “Dear CEOs: A Gen Zer’s Open Letter to His Future Employer,” spoke to our leaders about Gen Z and their expectations for employers.  I find generational differences fascinating, especially as it relates to the workforce, and creating a sense of understanding between generations in the workplace is critical for success. Kahlil shared insights on what matters most to this group including I&D, a culture of belonging, activism and individual purpose. He also shared how key characteristics of Gen Z, the most diverse generation ever and the first generation completely ingrained with technology from childhood, impact their perspectives.

One quote from Kahlil really stood out to me, “If you care about your people, you’ll care about what they care about.” At DHG, we have made a conscious effort to consistently listen to our people to better understand what they care about. This feedback has been incorporated into our decision-making process to inform our firm’s strategy, but we recognize we need to take this a step further.  All of our people, not just Gen Z or Millennials, desire not only to be cared for and supported – both personally and professionally – they also want a purpose and a greater sense of fulfillment in their jobs. Our people are pushing the boundaries beyond getting the job done to examine the “why” behind it all, and I love this way of thinking.

When we feel connected to our purpose, we are fueled to be our best selves. We believe that making people’s lives better is central to our mission: to build valuable careers with all of our people and to help our clients achieve their goals. Our goal is that every individual who interacts with our firm is better because of DHG – this could be a team member who stays for one year or their entire career, a client, a member of our Alumni Network or community partner.

I am Better Because…

I am excited to share a new series of stories that illustrate how we are all better because of DHG and how DHG unites us through a greater purpose. Each person has their own unique story. We have heard from some teammates on how Energy for Life has helped them become intentional with their time; others said our flexibility has allowed them to be their best self, both inside and outside of work.  We heard that our personalized career development has opened doors to new opportunities, and the innovative ways we have supported our clients and community organizations has fulfilled our people.

I know I am better because of DHG. The clients I have been able to serve, the teammates who have supported me along the way, and the opportunity to lead our incredible team truly makes me better each and every day. The following Better Because videos weave together a unified story of the many ways DHG has made an impact on our people, clients and community.

Watch all of our Better Because stories here and stay tuned for more. To our people, I hope you will each take a moment to reflect on your DHG Experience and how DHG has positively impacted you. I am so grateful to be on this journey with each of you.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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