Building the Firm of the Future

As a firm, we are hard at work on our journey to be the high trust and high performing Firm of the Future. It’s a journey that won’t be easy, but by tackling it together, as ONE DHG, we will continue to grow and thrive as individuals and as a firm. I would like to share with you what the Firm of the Future looks like for us at DHG, and how all of our people will play a critical role in helping us get there.

Evolving as ONE DHG

Together, we have embraced a ONE DHG mindset - a mindset that puts the team first and enables us to more effectively and efficiently achieve our mission. We truly have evolved in this mindset, so much so, that it is now ingrained in virtually all that we do. We use our ONE DHG mindset to help us make decisions that fuel our change agility, and our people are deciding what is best for our firm, our people, and our clients rather than what may be a short-term solution for a certain market, service line or industry. If we can be like-minded about where we are going as a firm and how we function, then that will only make us stronger. Our next step is to use our ONE DHG mindset as a stepping stone to the Firm of the Future.

Our Firm of the Future

As we look to the future, technologies and services will fluctuate, but the constants that will help guide us to the Firm of the Future go hand-in-hand with our DHG mission. If we focus on building valuable careers with our people and helping our clients achieve their goals, then we will be successful in all that we do. Our DHG Firm of the Future is a solutions-oriented firm, where our why is greater than our challenges, and everything we do centers around working as a team to develop solutions.

Matt Snow presenting on 'The Firm of the Future'

With the help of a robust group of individuals from across the firm (including our 2018 DHG Leadership Academy class), we have come up with these key attributes that we believe will drive who we are and set us above and beyond as the Firm of the Future.

  • Solutions-Oriented: Our future depends on being agile solutions providers for our clients. While “what” we are doing and “how” we are doing it may change, the one constant that will continually drive us is our passion for solving our clients’ problems.
  • People-Focused: Our people are our top priority, and we are keenly focused on staying relevant with changing workforce trends. Our ONE DHG Employee Experience changes such as My Time are reflective of this focus.
  • Optimism: This is our greatest asset as a firm, underlining the positive and innovative culture that fuels our ONE DHG mindset. Optimism will be essential as we continue to implement new technologies and address change in the future.
  • Change-Agile: Change is not easy, but we must all be creative and easily able to adapt to change quickly. This is top-of-mind and must continue to be a core competency of the firm.
  • CX (Client Experience) Strong: With our DHG Service Guidelines in place (Be Responsive – Take Action – Add Value), we must deploy them to foster deeper and richer relationships with our clients, creating an outstanding client experience while filling the role of trusted advisor.
  • Nimble & Efficient: Through technology and new operations, we will continue to be smart and resourceful in how we operate the firm and our engagements.

Firm of the Future Infographic

High Performing Characteristics

While we will work together to pursue the attributes of the Firm of the Future, I have also challenged our partners to strive for these High Performing Partner characteristics. Similarly, I encourage all of our people to use these performance characteristics as a roadmap for success in your own career.

  • Motivated: Passionate about uncovering the problems and goals of our clients and helping match them with solutions.
  • Great Communicator: Effectively and proactively communicating with our clients, not just through verbal and written communication, but more importantly, through listening and perception.
  • ONE DHG Oriented: Someone who is selfless, thinks firm first and resolves conflict quickly.
  • People Influencer: Focused on developing people - treating team members with respect, listening to them, and being inclusive of perspectives in dealing with a broad range of people.
  • Wise: Reduces risks, consults with others and understands how to use the firm and personal networks to help solve problems.
Building the Firm of the Future Together

As we begin to understand what the Firm of the Future means for us individually, we should be asking ourselves, “How do I solve problems?” “How do I help others solve problems?” Additionally, it is imperative that we grow our knowledge and experience in change management, not just in terms of helping the firm change, but as a core skill for any professional in today’s business environment. Lastly, we will share the solution offerings that we have at DHG with our clients, helping them achieve their goals.

As we approach change together, and as you approach change throughout your career, it is critical to understand the importance of not only learning, but unlearning and relearning. This concept is really something to keep in mind over the course of a career, especially at DHG, as we continue to evolve with the marketplace. Our Future is bright, and now that we have identified these attributes to guide us, we can work as a team to take DHG to the next level. We are truly greater together- ONE DHG.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer



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