Bridge to Post-COVID-19 Rebound // Part Four: Clinical and Operational Considerations

As healthcare organizations move toward a post-COVID-19 emergency response, providers across the country are increasing levels of patient engagement, providing care for both COVID and non-COVID patient populations. While operational considerations vary by an organization’s unique service offerings and geographic location, universal lessons learned from successful organizations, such as Prisma Health, can help leaders continue the evolution of their response to a dynamic environment. Chief among those lessons being that innovation and collaboration to meet the needs of patients, staff, and providers is a crucial ingredient of success.

In this installment of the FORWARD communication series, we share a conversation between Micail Samiere, DHG Healthcare Alumni, and Dr. Saria Saccocio, Ambulatory Chief Medical Officer at Prisma Health and the Department Chair of Family Medicine at the University of South Carolina. Their discussion focuses on the clinical and operational considerations that Dr. Saccocio worked through at Prisma Health to scale their approach during the initial stages of the pandemic, capture related lessons learned as the days wore on, and the changes she believes will last well beyond COVID-19.


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