Actions to Consider During a Mandatory Shutdown

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In the midst of unfortunate furloughs, layoffs and mandatory shutdowns, dealers should be thorough in their consideration of action items to help protect and secure the dealership and its assets. Below is a checklist of items that should be considered:

  • Physically secure the parts department. This includes changing keypad codes and key access to department.
  • Physically secure vehicle inventory. Dealers may have to implement additional security.
  • Physically secure service loaners.
  • Gather and secure demonstrator vehicles from furloughed and laid off employees.
  • Use social media to show support for local communities. For instance, contemplate using local restaurants or coffee shops as opposed to big box options.
  • Communicate frequently with furloughed employees, via text, calls and emails.
  • Restrict check signers and ability to print checks to current employees only.
  • Restrict access to credit card machines, safes, checks and company credit cards.
  • Update approved employee contacts with banking, vendor, advertising, benefits and auction relationships.
  • Restrict access to DMS, CRM, and vehicle key machines.
  • Consider rekeying all physical dealership access.

In times of stress little things can be forgotten - make a list, check it twice and ensure you’ve thought carefully through what should be secured during the shutdown.

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