A New Year and a Renewed Focus on ONE DHG

As we begin a new year, we have much to be optimistic about as a firm. We know that we can fuel our optimism and flourish in the future by working as a team, as ONE DHG. Our ONE DHG focus is not new, but it is just as important today, perhaps even more so, than it has ever been as we look at our growth strategy and goals for 2020 and beyond.

The Heart of ONE DHG

Taking a look back on ONE DHG at its core, the mindset is largely built on establishing consistency in our processes. This provides clarity for our people around what is important for them to work on, how they should go about it, and how they can add value to both the firm and our clients. ONE DHG is a key building block in creating the positive, optimistic culture that we are so proud of at DHG.


Working Together as a Team

When we speak of our mission to build valuable careers with our people, we aren’t referring to just some people; we are referring to ALL team members at DHG. One of the greatest benefits of our ONE DHG mindset is that it drives us toward having more inclusive behaviors among our team members. We really accelerated our focus on inclusion in 2019 and will continue that momentum as we move into 2020. It strengthens our ability to connect with everyone in the firm, which is essential for us all individually in building our own skill sets and in becoming a whole professional. Ultimately, if we are focused on being inclusive of everyone and are acutely aware of unconscious biases, we are better able to build valuable careers with ALL of our people.


Holistically Serving Our Clients

For our clients, ONE DHG allows us to think holistically about what the firm can do for them on a larger scale – sharing the many new opportunities and new solutions we can facilitate. We can do this better and more efficiently as ONE DHG, where we are connected and know without question what each of our teams has to offer in terms of skills so we can work together to solve problems for our clients.

Strategically Growing Our Team

As part of our ONE DHG approach, we are always looking for ways to grow in strategic geographic locations – whether expanding in our current markets or exploring new locations. I am proud to say that we closed out 2019 by welcoming RyanSharkey to DHG, specifically in our Capital market. RyanSharkey is a very unique firm, and in many ways, another version of ourselves. The team is very credentialed in their technical knowledge and they have great industry intelligence in several key industries that are important to DHG. Our leadership strategy is built on recruiting great leaders to the firm, and we are proud to add several new leaders (and future leaders) from RyanSharkey.

In addition to welcoming our new team members, I look forward to kicking off this new year refreshed and energized with a renewed focus on ONE DHG as we tackle challenges, seek out opportunities and solve problems together as a team.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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