There is no right way to do the wrong thing

DHG’s core value Trust is a cornerstone of our Firm and our profession. We seek the trust of our people, our clients, and the broader business community. This core value helps us drive a culture of uncompromising integrity, a commitment to excellence and accountability in all that we do. Leaders who preceded me at DHG said it quite simply: There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

Deadlines are looming

This time of the year is a busy period for our people and our clients. Deadlines are looming, expectations for performance are high, new standards and regulations make our jobs more complicated, and tough decisions are being made. Clients must report their results to investors, and there are expectations for what those results should be. Situations may arise when doing the right thing can sometimes conflict with these priorities. We may detect an error in a client's records, or discover an internal control that is not functioning properly. Someone may ask one of our team members to do something that seems wrong. Raising these kinds of issues when they happen may cause a delay in meeting a deadline, or a client may miss an earnings target.

How does DHG's team handle these situations when reporting such matters may cause another goal not to be met?

Actions must reflect value of Trust

The answer is simple, even though the consequences may be painful in the short term. We always choose the course of action that is consistent with our core value of Trust. Our team members at DHG can be assured that when they are doing the right thing, they will always be supported by the Firm. We consult with our partners and our leaders, and we receive advice, direction and support on exactly how we go about making the right decision. As a team we face the challenge together, knowing that while it may be difficult, we are going about it the DHG way. The pain may temporarily seem insurmountable: we may disappoint a client or an investor, someone's job may be in jeopardy, and we may even lose a client. But in the long term, we will sustain ourselves with the Trust we perpetuate; we will outlive the short term costs of doing what is right, because Trust in our Firm and with each other will be not only maintained, but strengthened.

You can be confident that DHG will always seek the right answer, one that continually earns the long term Trust of our people, our clients, and the broader marketplace.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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