Innovation: Thinking Creatively, Embracing Change

Change really is the new normal in our fast paced world. For example, two years ago, not many people were familiar with a wireless exercise band. And yet recently, one of Apple’s hottest new items of the season was announced as the Apple Watch, their version of this new “must-have” electronic gadget, with even more added features than just health data. While writing this blog, I went on their website to figure out why so much hype surrounds this new tech gadget – and now I think I want one.

Getting ahead and staying ahead requires an organization to not only envision upcoming changes, but to respond quickly in order to outsmart the competition and to serve valued clients and customers. Thriving companies must have their team members’ attention and be able to communicate clearly so they can easily transform and adapt to change. Imagine what it must be like within Apple, which employs nearly 100,000 people, first just recognizing that these wireless bands would be the next iPad, then designing their version, and then enabling its production and distribution, all before 2015. Their culture has to encourage their team members to think outside the box and to accept that change is a normal part of their operation. The jury is still out on whether the Apple Watch will in fact be the next iPad, but Apple is “all in” on this new product as it prepares for production and seeks to convince its customer base that they need this new toy.

DHG might not be a technology company, but our need for innovation, the ability to think creatively and to embrace change, is no different. Our clients look to us to solve their biggest problems and to help them anticipate what’s next. Our team members’ lives and career interests are constantly changing, and they expect DHG to change with them. What worked one or two years ago for our people and our clients may not work in the future. There is no part of our organization or our client base that is immune from the threat, and the opportunity, of change. In order for us to continue to thrive, we must keep our eyes open to these changes and be willing to adapt: to be resourceful.

For these reasons, one of DHG’s core values is Innovation: the ability to think creatively and to embrace change. This week our Partners will gather for the annual Partners meeting, and our theme will be Innovation. We will share how Innovation impacts every part of our strategy and how important it is to our people and our clients. While we do not know what the future will hold, we do have the confidence that we can face it together as a team.   Through Innovation, we can continue to build valuable careers for our people and help our clients achieve their goals.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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