NAIC 2013 Fall Meeting Newsletter


The 2013 NAIC meeting schedule concluded in our nation’s capital, December 14-18, 2013, and meetings certainly did not disappoint. Most of the committees finalized agendas, congratulated each other on their accomplishments for 2013 and set challenging new charges for 2014. However, the meetings certainly didn’t lack in interesting debates and exchanges. First, during the Executive Committee meeting, there was a debate on how to evaluate the NAIC’s corporate governance policies, which shed some light on how certain regulators view the effectiveness of these polices in the NAIC. Further, there was continued debate and reversal of decisions regarding the accounting treatment of the assessment fees charged by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Further details of these discussions are listed below.

We have summarized the other key events and topics discussed during the Fall 2013 NAIC Meeting below.


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