NAIC 2014 Spring Meeting Newsletter


While the Spring 2014 NAIC Meeting was held in the magical confines of Walt Disney World, it is going to take more than pixie dust and wishes upon a star to keep captive insurance away from the regulatory scrutiny of the NAIC.  There was no question that captive insurance was the flavor of the week.  The discussion on captives occurred in many different committee meetings, all with the same general theme: some type of additional regulatory measures need to be taken.  However, there is significant disagreement on the extent of those measures.

Although captive insurance appeared to steal the show, the NAIC was focused on some other key priorities such as the privatization of flood insurance, private equity investments, and continuing to work through the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

We have highlighted the key discussion topics below, along with a summary of the relevant committee meetings held during the conference. 


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