Identifying Talent Solutions to Accommodate Your Organization

An organization’s success or failure can be correlated with its professionals. As such, staffing your organization with employees who maintain both a technical aptitude and a personality that suits your company’s culture should be a top priority. Regardless of size or industry, many companies find themselves short of resources and in need of talent, both on a permanent and project basis. It is important to keep the option of outsourcing your recruiting endeavors in mind no matter what your needs are.

Supply and Demand

Currently, roughly 68% of 78 million baby boomers are still employed and working. However, the large majority of this percentage is comprised of individuals that are in senior or executive roles and are on the cusp of retirement. Therefore, the market is experiencing an increased need for talent based on the number of such retirees. On the opposite end of the spectrum, hiring levels for new graduates are at a record high. In these cases, items such as succession planning and overall planning for new hires become critical considerations. The high demand for top talent at all levels calls great attention to the need for recruiting services.

In addition to acquiring talent for permanent positions that range from executive leadership to entry level roles, outsourcing recruiting efforts to fill contracting jobs is also an option. You might need an entire team of outsourced professionals for a single project, or just one or two individuals to join an existing project team (also known as co-sourcing). Whatever the need, a third party recruiter can be immensely helpful as contractor requirements arise.

The hiring process, both for full-time professionals and contractors, can be a long and exhaustive process. Recognizing the availability of third party recruiters that can fulfill permanent and temporary hiring needs alike could save you a favorable amount of time and energy.

Is Outsourcing Your Recruiting Pursuits Right for You?

Some companies maintain their own department entirely dedicated to recruiting. But many do not. For those that lack resources wholly dedicated to recruiting, there are a few questions you can ask yourself when considering talent acquisition, either permanently or temporarily.

  • Do you have any current open positions?
  • Do your contractors have a substantial impact on your organization?
  • Do you exhaust much of your company resources on contractors or consultants?
  • Have you yet to employ a strategic succession plan for your CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc.?
  • Are there any upcoming changes on your team or within the company?
  • Do you feel you currently lack having the right people in place to help the organization meet its goals?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you may consider reaching out to an advisor who can fully dedicate themselves to your recruiting needs.

How You Benefit

Think about your hiring process. Think about how much time you or your colleagues have spent looking through resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews and reviewing candidates until you make your final decision. As employing top tier talent is crucial to your organization, your hiring process is likely extensive and potentially takes away from time that would otherwise be spent on revenue driving activities.

What if you were able to employ highly talented individuals without the associated burden of actually finding the appropriate candidates? This is where the true value of outsourced recruiting can come into play. Allowing a search advisor or recruiter who has the capacity to identify candidates that satisfy your needs will allow you to re-focus your efforts back on your company’s endeavors. You can continue to drive business and revenue while resting assured that your future employees and/or contractors are as qualified as they come.

Finding the Right Recruiting Provider

When selecting a recruiting advisor, it is beneficial to make a checklist of qualities that you would like to see in someone who is seeking executive leaders, staff members or contractors on your behalf. Suggestions for your checklist include:

  • Actively works to understand your company culture and what kind of candidates you need by asking questions and listening carefully.
  • Considers a candidate’s personality and character as important as his/her technical skill and knowledge.
  • Creates a strategic recruiting profile to find candidates.
  • Is present from start to finish, from client alignment to candidate selection to final onboarding and placement.

In addition to the above qualities, it is also valuable to find a recruiting advisor who has the capacity to provide recruiting services of all levels. The ability to staff professionals both permanently and contractually is not only convenient, but also demonstrates a well-versed ability to truly satisfy any prospective needs.

When it comes to your organization, the people within it matter and your recruiting process should too. Ultimately, an outsourced recruiter can give you a better return on your time and money all while placing the right people within your organization.


Brad Ledford
Managing Director, DHG Search
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