IT Optimization

Client needed to determine the costs associated with core software applications to identify savings in their IT Department.


  • Client wanted to ensure existing processes were effective and efficient but was unable to determine their fixed and variable costs related to each of their core software applications
  • Client unable to determine some costs because of breakdown in ownership and responsibilities as well as a lack of effort and transparency from the primary, third-party software vendor


  • Analyzed various functions within the IT organization to identify opportunities for process improvement, cost savings, and potential outsourcing of vendors and human capital
  • Team leveraged experience, in-depth knowledge and tools of analysis to determine costs (fixed and variable) associated with the company’s core software applications
  • Utilized a structured and systematic process for assessing Client’s core software application
  • Discovered process and communication breakdown between Client’s internal and external stakeholders. These bottlenecks and communication breakdowns were identified and analyzed, then presented to upper management for remediation
  • Discovered costs (fixed and variable) related to two-thirds of Client’s core software applications – significantly more than they projected based on numerous attempts over several years
  • Defined optimization initiatives to enable proactive IT management and reduce cost and risk across the IT organization
  • Developed and analyzed RFPs to collect data regarding outsourcing options
  • Provided Project Management leadership and support for projects within the IT organization to include managing internal associates, training Client internal new-hires and ensuring on-track and lagging current projects maintain and experience success throughout the different project phases
  • Provided analysis regarding the Client’s tracking of IT assets and provided recommendations for process improvement resulting in costs savings, awareness on cost allocations and budgetary sources


  • Achieved cost optimization of key pricing models
  • Reduced some IT costs, and improved IT resource efficiency
  • Reduced some IT client processing time from months to a few days