Internal Audit Subject Matter Resource

Client needed to develop an audit plan and execute the cycle audit with skilled resources.


  • Client lacked resources and expertise with complex hedging, cash flow capacity analysis, daily MBS hedge process, overnight index Swap curve impact on hedging and hedge effectiveness testing


  • Our SME developed and supervised a risk-based audit approach
  • Incorporated elements of Six Sigma per Client's process requirements
  • Aided in presentations to senior audit management in risk assessment and testing tollgates
  • Clearly communicated a final report to key stakeholders in management and audit areas, exceeding Client expectations and deadlines


  • Completed the cycle audit as well as the SOX testing for the cash flow and fair value hedging processes by deadline and below budgeted hours
  • Final report delivered to key stakeholders in management and audit areas ahead of Client deadlines
  • Our insightful and objective viewpoint and the team's industry knowledge exceeded the client's expectations