Warranty: Changing your Outlook

This past September I presented at the Powersports Dealer Seminars @ AIMExpo in Columbus. First off, I want to thank those that attended, and I hope you found it beneficial to your operations. The presentation, “Warranty Woes: Stop Throwing Dollars Away”, explored best practices for running an efficient warranty process, in addition to the related issues.

How Does the Industry Perceive Warranty?

Warranty can oftentimes viewed as a “waste of time and loss of money.” Why should a dealership be forced to work on a vehicle for a reduced rate when there is plenty of customer pay work to fill the day? It is also inconvenient to take the time to write a repair order (RO) and pull a technician off a well-compensated service job to perform a recall that only pays .1 hours. And on top of all of that, who wants to deal with the customer that is already upset because they are being inconvenienced?

I agree with all of the above, and when I first started as a service advisor, I felt the exact same way. However, once I shifted my perspective on warranty operations, I noticed an impactful difference in my overall service business.

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