Changing Together as ONE DHG

When we think about change, our immediate reaction is often apprehension and anxiety. It may be that we are content with the present, or we fear the inability to thrive in a different environment.  Regardless of the underlying cause of our anxiety, when you look beyond the initial discomfort, change can be the catalyst that leads to new ideas, valuable new skills and innovative solutions. In building valuable careers with our people, DHG seeks to exercise our change adaptability to strengthen the change “muscle” within ourselves.

DHG Employees walking and talking together.

Strategic Change

Strategy and Change go hand-in-hand. No strategic planning team emerges from their strategy session saying: “Yep, we’re just going to keep on doing what we’ve always done!” At DHG, our strategy is our roadmap and should influence and impact every decision we make day in and day out. In order to achieve our mission and execute our strategy, we must engage in purposeful, intelligent and deliberate change initiatives that align with our strategy and help us in advance the ball on Talent, Leadership, Growth, Service and Performance. 

Innovation in Action

We are actually bringing about a lot of this change on ourselves. At DHG we recognize that innovation is a necessary part of our business to stay on top of trends, to develop our people, and to help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients and their needs are constantly changing, and as a result, our profession is changing. New technologies are introducing new ways to carry out our services in ways we could not have imagined many years ago. At DHG we are committed to developing our own innovative solutions to ensure that we are challenging our people and growing and evolving with our clients. 

DHG is approaching innovation in a number of ways. Our key service lines, Assurance, Tax and Advisory, are each committing resources to developing new solutions that are relevant and accretive to our clients. We are building and maintaining key relationships with technology vendors who are presenting new solutions we can adapt for our clients, and we are teaming with other firms to co-invest dollars and time into creating tools and solutions for our service offerings. This continuous digital evolution at DHG requires another key component to be successful, and that is a healthy change management methodology: the DHG Change Framework. 

Change Adaptability

While innovation at DHG may be creating a lot of change, there is plenty of external change happening as well. I share the view of many leaders in our profession that we will experience more change in the next three to five years than we have in the last 50. As a result, for an organization such as DHG to thrive, both our organization and our people need to be more than just accustomed to change; we must be great at change. At DHG, we believe that embracing and practicing change will enable us to thrive among our peers in the midst of this time of rapid evolution. Our objective is to allow change adaptability to become (and remain) a core competency of the firm, just as our technical skills are a core competency that we utilize on a daily basis. 

Our strategy around change is multidimensional. Change is both organizational and personal, so our DHG Change Framework encompasses both of these perspectives. As a firm, we must prioritize the volume of change that we take on as a team. As we begin to tackle the change, we use a consistent process which includes buy in from leaders, input from users, a robust piloting of all changes, and thorough firm-wide communications. As individual team members, we must align with and participate in the change process with an open mind and a positive approach. Change and the pace at which change happens is always going to elicit some level of anxiety, but it is a process and not a singular event. At DHG, we can depend on an orderly and predictable process for the firm and our team members to follow. 

Change, Innovation, ONE DHG

When it comes to being successful innovators and functioning as ONE DHG, change adaptability can be the common denominator, allowing us to work as a cohesive team while developing essential skills for any professional in today’s work environment. We cannot predict all of the changes that the future will bring, but we can rest assured that with a consistent change methodology and a culture that promotes and rewards teamwork, we can not only adapt but continue to thrive as we build valuable careers with our people and help our clients achieve their goals.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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