ONE DHG – Greater Together

The DHG we know today is the product of several firms merging together, and many people, cultures, ideas and ways of doing things uniting. We are proud of our many differences and what makes us unique as a firm, but we also recognize the need for an overarching mindset that encourages our people to be open-minded, flexible and willing to work in new and different ways - together. At its core, ONE DHG is about looking holistically at whether we are working together the best that we can and operating in a way that puts our mission first – building valuable careers with our people and helping our clients achieve their goals.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a firm, it is important for us to reflect on how we function best when we view ourselves as one unified team. We can accomplish so much more working together than we can individually, and success as a team is more impactful and rewarding than working alone. When we view ourselves as a team, we realize that we are greater in all that we do- building careers, serving our clients and our community, and working as a team- as ONE DHG.

A Common Purpose

The leadership of DHG is guiding our firm to be ONE DHG in everything we do, to ensure that our common purpose is reflected in what we do every day. ONE DHG will enable us to be more consistent in our culture, our operating style, our practices, our procedures, and our philosophy.  We have begun reexamining all that we do - building careers, serving our clients, operating the firm on a daily basis – to ensure we are carrying this out in a way that supports ONE DHG.

Building Valuable Careers with our People

When you apply ONE DHG to building valuable careers with our people, a ONE DHG mindset results in our partners coaching our people on all of the opportunities within the firm to enrich their careers. It could be moving to another service line, another market, or onto a different project. It requires partners to empower their team members, mentees and others across the firm to see all of the opportunities within DHG. For our people, it is a willingness to embrace change and view new opportunities as a chance to accelerate the development of their career. A recent example came from within our DHG Healthcare practice involving a valuable team member in our Greenville, SC market and an industry resource need in our Metro DC market. This story, shared in this video, illustrates an openness to new ideas and seizing new opportunities- from both a partner’s perspective and a team member’s perspective- and seeing everything that the ONE DHG mindset can offer.  

Helping our Clients Achieve their Goals

One of the outcomes of the growth of our firm is the vast expansion of solutions we can now deliver to our clients. From a client perspective, ONE DHG means our team members understand and present this full offering of services that are available for our clients, not just the ones they can deliver by themselves, to help those clients achieve their goals. The result becomes a win for everyone, as our team members have greater career opportunities while the team is helping our clients achieve their goals.

 Embracing ONE DHG

We are a firm where trust and loyalty run very deep, which is a positive thing for our culture. Regardless of where you sit, what you practice or what your role is, we want all of our people to feel that same sense of trust and loyalty that comes hand-in-hand with our ONE DHG way of thinking. You may be wondering, how can I fully embrace ONE DHG? I encourage you to be open minded to new and unexpected opportunities- that applies to both our people and our clients.   

During our summer Town Hall meetings we debuted a video featuring people from across all of our regions and service lines that helps illustrate our ONE DHG story (click here to view). I am very proud of our adoption of ONE DHG and the strides we have made to function better and more efficiently as a team. I truly believe in the message at the heart of this video and I look forward to seeing where ONE DHG will take us.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we are greater together


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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