Bridging the GAAP: A Primer on Unique Dealership Accounting Aspects for Private Equity and Family Office Buyers

With such an abundance of consolidation, buying, selling, brokering and new investor entry, the automotive space has presented exciting opportunities over the past few years. Given the rise in private equity/family office (PEFO) activity there are many new investors who are new to the space and may find an “inside scoop” from a dealership accounting perspective helpful when it comes to grasping the distinctive industry language and effectively analyzing the investment opportunity.

A good place to start when bridging the gap between the industry’s newer participants and some of the dealership space’s more unique characteristics is to run through a few key accounting considerations that may provoke constructive conversations surrounding the merging of the dealership and PEFO ecosystems. The following items are what we consider to be the most pressing when it comes to familiarizing a new PEFO investor entering the dealership arena:

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Ben Redman
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