After the Close: Don’t Forget Dealership Process Details

You are sitting at the closing table, just moments after wrapping up the entire process. From broker offerings to the LOI to due diligence to solidifying the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA), you are officially done and it is time to celebrate. Right?

Perhaps you need to apply the brakes for just a second. While reaching the end of a buy-sell is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience (one to be proud of), the closing table is not an allegory for the final page of the transaction.

What Do I Mean?

Dealers and their transaction team in a buy/sell generally do a great job of evaluating the assets ( the “what” behind the purchase), the revenue and margins (to see what future opportunities exist) and even the personnel (the potential “who” behind the purchase). However, dealers don’t always assess the processes and how they may affect operations moving forward, which can create challenges.

Let’s drive through a few key items to consider directly after closing.

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