Contemporary Approach to Strategy Development

Client sought a rigorous, fresh approach to strategic planning. Given the rapidly changing community banking landscape, the client wanted a process that would drive open, objective discussion of new and innovative options for increasing long-term franchise value.


  • Newly constituted leadership team completed a successful turnaround, setting the stage for profitable growth
  • Leadership believed a traditional SWOT-driven planning approach would not foster constructive, creative evaluations of opportunities to leverage in its markets
  • The management team wanted to identify actions for taking the bank to the next level of performance


  • Replaced SWOT analysis-driven planning framework with a contemporary approach that helped foster creative thinking and brought new perspectives for evaluating the bank’s opportunities
  • Conducted working sessions with bank employees, managers and advisory board members to provide insights into product-to-market opportunities and perspectives on the bank’s future operating model
  • Provided geographic market and peer performance data and analysis to help inform strategy discussions
  • Facilitated executive management and board planning sessions to discuss performance and strategic options


  • Developed a strategic plan addressing efficient, profitable growth of current business, as well as a path to the “community bank of the future”
  • Produced a strategic plan that has the commitment of key stakeholders
  • Established a new planning process that includes discussion of both on-going performance improvement and future innovation; developed an agreed upon road map to do both