2016 Investment Company Institute Tax and Accounting Conference Highlights

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) held its 2016 Tax and Accounting Conference in Palm Desert, Calif., on Sept. 26 - 28. Members of DHG's Asset Management team attended the event. The following are selected comments from various speakers at this year's conference. The summary is intended as general information, highlighting hot topics and recurring themes over the three-day period and should not be relied upon as being definitive or all-inclusive.

Hot Topics and Recurring Themes

Significant Regulatory Changes

The investment company industry has seen, and will continue to see, intense regulatory changes. During the conference, many of the presenters discussed the Securities Exchange Commission's (SEC) proposed investment company reporting modernization rule, the SEC's proposed liquidity risk management rules and the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule. The speakers discussed current developments in each of these areas, implementation plans and other best practices.

Adam Thomas, Partner | DHG Financial Services