Energy for Life

During the next 18 months, all of our people will have the opportunity to participate in our Energy for Life program. Designed to create high-performing teams and individuals, DHG’s Energy for Life emphasizes the connection between personal purpose and daily behaviors to help ensure alignment and to impact engagement. By aligning their energy with their deepest values and beliefs, our people can strengthen their energy across the four dimensions of body, heart, mind and spirit. This multidisciplinary approach will help our professionals become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and completely aligned with their most important mission in life. 

Here is a glimpse of my personal Energy for Life journey:

Defining Your Mission

I was first introduced to the concept of energy management through the Corporate Athlete program from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. The concept and accompanying training came to fruition through the Institute’s study of elite athletes and their preparation for incredibly strenuous, marquee events in their career, such as an Olympic race, the NBA Finals or a Wimbledon championship. Similar to what our people will be doing in their Energy for Life journey, these athletes started mapping out their training plans well in advance, and they built themselves up for it by becoming physically energized, emotionally connected and mentally focused.

My personal Energy for Life journey started with self-reflection to define my personal mission and determine what I needed to do to get there. My primary mission is to be a loving and supportive spouse to my wife Patti and an engaged and connected father to our two children; second in priority, I aim to be a strong leader at DHG in pursuing our mission and strategy. At different stages of my life, my first priority (family) had become secondary to my career, and at other times my health and emotional/mental well-being was not strong, leaving me no energy for family or career. The first step in my journey was to put these pieces together in the context of where I am right now in my life and my career and where I would like to be in the future. Step two was building an action plan for how I would pursue my mission today and in the future. It was an eye opening experience, and as a result, I am now very purpose-driven in how I live my life every day- my energy, nutrition, exercise routine, time management - and the balance between what I do at work and what I do outside of work.

Building a Training Plan

A key component of Energy for Life is building an energy maintenance plan. My energy maintenance plan includes Orange Theory Fitness, which is my source of physical energy. Orange Theory is an efficient, one-hour interval workout that combines both weight training and cardio exercise. I like to go early in the morning because it builds my energy, increases endorphins and sets my focus for the day. It is also something Patti and I enjoy doing together, whether in the same or different classes. We like to share thoughts about different workouts and we challenge and encourage each other along the way. Orange Theory has brought about a great sense of accomplishment and it has given me confidence in adding exercise to my life outside the office. I am proud to say, I have not been in physical shape like this since high school, and for me, that has been a confidence booster!

My training plan also consists of consistent, healthy nutrition habits, something Patti and I also do together.  Better time management techniques and some unwinding time for meditation have also helped me balance my day and ensure a smoother transition from work to home.

Being Happy, Healthy and Fully Engaged

Energy for Life supports our Life Beyond Numbers strategy by helping our people define what is most important to them and to then develop a plan for achieving their goals both personally and professionally. Energy for Life is DHG’s permission to team members to focus first on their most important mission in life and to utilize their career at DHG to help them accomplish their most important, personal mission. As a firm, we cannot focus on building valuable careers with our people without focusing on the individual person and what is important to them. DHG recognizes that the value of someone is beyond just what they do within the walls of our firm; it encompasses their life outside the firm – which truly is a unique approach in our industry. We want to recognize, celebrate and support whatever it is that makes our people happier, healthier and fulfilled. Ultimately, this leads to more engaged individuals and teams which helps us fulfil our DHG mission- to build valuable careers with our people and help our clients achieve their goals.  

I look forward to hearing about your Energy for Life journey as you begin to define your personal mission, formulate your action plan and discover what makes you happy, healthy and fully engaged, both personally and professionally. 


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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