A Giving Culture – It’s Who We Are

One of the truly special things about DHG is the priority we place on giving. Our people put so much passion and energy into philanthropic efforts and it translates into our unique culture. We value what we have been blessed with as a firm and as individuals, and we recognize the responsibility we have to give back.

DHG Gives Back through volunteering CEO Blog

When we look at relationships, one of our core values and a cornerstone to our culture, we are not just talking about relationships internally or with our clients. We are also referring to relationships with our broader community and those we have to thank for the many things that we have been able to accomplish as a firm. This is why we are so passionate about developing solid relationships with organizations in our communities and partnering with them to make a difference.

Making an Impact Across Our Regions

One of the ways we come together collectively to support our communities is through our annual Count the Cans food drive. During the 10-day inter-office campaign, which spans across 12 states, we collect cans, donate dollars and volunteer our time to numerous hunger relief organizations across our footprint. To add some competitive fun to the mix, all donations - cans, dollars and hours - equal points, and in the end, bragging rights are up for grabs.

Seeing our people rally together around such a great cause amazes me year after year. Over the past four years, we have donated more than 3.2 million pounds of food through Count the Cans, a figure that really shows our strength in numbers and the impact we can make as a team. I cannot wait to see how much that number grows this year as we kick off the campaign on June 17. Hunger will always be an issue, and our communities will always be appreciative of the help we are able to provide through Count the Cans. And let’s be honest, Count the Cans is also a lot of fun!

Building Appreciation By Donating Time

I encourage all of our people to volunteer their time during Count the Cans, in addition to donating dollars and cans. Volunteering enables us as individuals and as a firm to build upon our appreciation for just how great the need is in our communities. And speaking first hand, you will have a lot of fun working alongside your teammates. I recently experienced this while working at a food bank in our Charlotte community alongside a group of DHG teammates and some of our clients. It really put into perspective the amount of work that has to be done day in and day out to be able to provide for those in need. (Just a reminder - for Count the Cans, each service hour translates into bonus points - 25 points for 1 hour).

Thank you for living our values and helping us make a difference. I wish all of our markets the best of luck in this year’s Count the Cans competition. Don’t forget, our goal is to approach 100% participation this year. Donating the canned food is only part of this process, the cans have to be sorted and inspected before going to a food shelter, all important links in this giving chain. So please clear out your pantries, donate a dollar or volunteer an hour. Every act of kindness counts.

Let the games begin!


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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