My DHG Family

I recently spoke at the Charlotte Business Journal’s inaugural Family Business Awards, a celebration of family-owned businesses from across the region and a gathering of those who live and breathe the concept of “family” everyday. Family businesses are incredibly important in all of our DHG markets. With that in mind, and as I think back on my remarks from the awards, I cannot help but think about my DHG family and the similarities between our firm and family businesses across our footprint.  DHG is much more than a place of business, we are our own unique family. We are there for each other and we support each other through the ups and downs in our Life Beyond Numbers.

What family means to me
Everyone defines family differently, but to me, “family” means going above and beyond to help those you care about in both the good and bad times. In a family you are accepted unconditionally. Similarly, here at DHG, we accept our people exactly as they are no matter where they are in their lives or their careers. Our pursuit of business and how we serve our clients is an outgrowth of our mission in that our people come first and it matters to us that our people are building valuable careers here. That approach to everything we do as a firm combined with our genuine people translates to our caring culture. 

Strength in numbers
There is a sense of caring for each other at DHG that amazes me every day. People see evidence of this with our various giving programs, how we handle day to day situations, and people REALLY feel this during significant events in their lives. Whether it is marriage, the passing of a family member, the birth of a child or the celebration of a major career milestone, the outpouring of support from within our DHG family is remarkable. It is not uncommon for our people to donate their own Paid Time Off to someone else who is in the midst of a family crisis or illness. In challenging times, our teams have proven that they will rally around one another to provide support. This is one of many examples of how our culture sets us apart from the rest. At DHG, when life challenges us most, we find strength in numbers.

This strength in numbers support system makes me feel like this is really a “home,” not just a place where I work. People rise up and take care of and support one another. They care enough to really desire to help others in times of need and to celebrate life’s happiest moments. You do the same sort of thing for your family members, and we are fortunate to have a piece of that family spirit here at DHG.

A caring culture that respects and enables the lives of our people
We may not fit all of the definitions of a family business, but we certainly have characteristics that resemble a family business. We grew from several small, startup accounting firms into one of the largest in the country, but through the growth, we have managed to maintain a feeling of family since inception. It is one of the reasons why we do not aspire to stretch from coast to coast with thousands upon thousands of people. In my opinion, we truly have an advantage because of our size. We have built a culture that respects and enables the lives of our people, what we call Life Beyond Numbers (read more about what Life Beyond Numbers means to me here). Our DHG family is always here to help guide you, challenge you to be your best and to help you grow as far as you want to grow. We are here for each other to celebrate our wins and we are each other’s helping hand when life challenges us most. 

We are a family.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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