Innovation Acceleration Experience

The Innovation Acceleration Experience (IAE) utilizes non-traditional facilitation tools and techniques to purposefully guide participants through a structured 3 to 4 day session to create the activation of a sustainable response and detailed launch plan. The IAE provides organizations with the opportunity to understand, collaborate, and think differently to enhance their likelihood of success in the midst of uncertainty and evolution. The IAE limits disruption, enhances the organizational culture of execution and accountability and preserves capital. DHG Healthcare’s four-tiered approach will allow stakeholders to build consensus on a new future state and a means to be moving in that direction. A unique difference about the IAE is each mode ends with a customized artifact. An Innovation Acceleration Experience concludes with clearly defined deliverables to advance the vision and define the organizational components documenting barrier removal strategies, defining the resources required to leverage accelerators, and shape incubator projects organizations must understand and consider as they successfully evolve.