Living Our Values Through Giving Back

I recently attended a seminar that was focused on self-improvement. One of the lessons I learned was how important it is to think positive thoughts, and one of the best ways to feel positive is to reflect on the things for which you are thankful. The instructor would randomly stop the class and ask us to take out a sheet of paper (I instantly had nervous flashbacks to pop quizzes in 7th grade biology). We were asked to list as many things as we could that we were grateful for, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. When we were done the instructor asked how we felt, and we all agreed that the exercise put a smile on our faces and redirected our moods to be positive. 

I don’t recall the exact science, but we learned that such activities release chemicals into our brains that actually help increase positivity. I get the same positive feeling when I volunteer at a soup kitchen or help an older passenger with their bags on an airplane. Whether recounting our blessings or taking time to help others, we should seize these moments every chance we can.

We are blessed to work in an environment where giving back is a priority – so much so that it is foundational to DHG’s values and is a major part of our culture. We are not a “me first” firm. Living our values means sharing with others who may not be as fortunate as we are. During this past year, we have come together to support fellow employees in need by donating our paid time-off; we have supported our communities in many ways including a firm-wide food drive; and as a united firm, we generously gave to the Red Cross for the people of Nepal following the tragic earthquakes and we collected donations for the Reverend Pinckney Fund to support our own grieving Charleston, South Carolina community after the tragic church shooting.

Our work together to make a significant impact on important causes is not dissimilar to other professional services firms of our size. What I believe makes us unique is our focus on supporting individual interests. We recognize that part of giving back is doing so in the areas we feel most passionate about, which is different for every person. I am proud of our DHG GIVES online platform that makes it easy to find and share individual causes with others and benefit from crowd-sourcing funds and manpower. We even offer the option for donations to charities via our recognition program. Our people have the option to use earned recognition points for charitable donations rather than claiming a gift card or other prize for their great work.

As we look ahead to Thanksgiving and this season of gratitude, I hope that you will commit to spending time with family and friends and reflect on those things for which we have been blessed. I have no doubt you will come away with a positive feeling. Thank you for your efforts this year to live our core values and support our philosophy of giving.


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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