Virginia Bankers Association 2015 CFO Symposium Highlights

The Virginia Bankers Association (VBA) held its annual CFO conference in Richmond, Va., on August 24-26, 2015. DHG was honored to be one of the sponsors and presenters at this elite event. The following are selected comments from various speakers at this year's conference.

Economic Update

Vining Sparks' Chief Economist, Craig Dismuke, opened his presentation by discussing how Euro markets are on shaky ground, which has caused U.S. markets to be more volatile over the past couple weeks. He later summarized the overall state of the U.S. economy by focusing on the positive trends in the labor market. Wages and unemployment are the most important metrics for the Fed regarding interest rate changes, and as there is no inflationary pressure from earnings growth, we should not expect interest rates to change quickly. Dismuke does expect the Fed will raise interest rates in 2015, possibly in September; however, it could be as late as the first quarter in 2016.