Why Public Accounting is a Rewarding Career Choice

As a freshman college student at Wake Forest University some years ago, I (like many students) had no idea what career path I should pursue. I considered becoming a doctor, but I quickly learned that required too much time in the lab.  My father had a more immediate and, quite frankly, less expensive suggestion for me. He told me, “After you graduate, you’re going to be on your own—you’ll need to find a job. So be sure to major in something where you can be employed.” I had already experienced working in a fast food restaurant, and while that was fun in high school and college (I did learn a lot…future blog post!), I knew I had to find a professional job with career potential.

I was attracted to order and predictability, so I chose accounting. While not a completely random decision, I actually had very little understanding of what to expect. Fortunately, public accounting was absolutely the right choice for me.

I feel blessed that I was lucky enough to choose a profession that fulfills me. I am empowered to think independently, and I truly feel challenged, inspired and motivated daily, even 30 years into my career. This is why I am excited to share my top four reasons why I think public accounting is a rewarding career choice:

The profession is open to anyone.

The real requirements for this profession are a willingness to work hard and a thirst for learning. You do not have to be from a wealthy or well-connected family to get a job with a top firm. With dedication, hard work and attention-to-detail, you could be a partner in a prominent firm within 10–15 years.

The industry is socially progressive.

From supporting women’s leadership opportunities to accommodating modern work styles, professional services is leading change in a lot of social arenas in corporate America. From my experience, firms are better at problem-solving when the people sitting at the table speak from diverse perspectives.

Accounting and advisory services allow you to jump-start your career.

As a new associate, I was given the opportunity, credibility and access to collaborate with top-level business executives almost immediately. This access opened my eyes to the way businesses operate and demanded that my professionalism be on-point at an early stage in my career. A job in this industry can truly jump-start a successful career path.

The day-to-day challenges make it endlessly exciting.

No two client problems are alike. While I still find a sense of innate satisfaction when I see a balanced financial statement, I have remained in this field for 30 years because I find problem-solving to be fun and fascinating. Contrary to popular belief, accounting is definitely not boring!

From learning the ins and outs of an assortment of businesses early on in my career to developing a rich, diverse skill set, my career has been personally gratifying. As CEO, I enjoy helping young people start on the same trajectory and watching them flourish.

Does providing assurance, tax or advisory services sound like a good fit for you? Be sure to visit our careers site to learn more about DHG and our people-focused culture. 


Matt Snow
Chief Executive Officer


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