Charlotte, NC - SouthPark

4350 Congress Street / Suite 900
Charlotte, NC 28209
p 704.367.7020 / f 704.367.7760
Keith Giddens

Keith Giddens

Market Managing Partner, Charlotte SouthPark

Charlotte, SouthPark is home to our firm headquarters, housing our executive suite in addition to our full-service accounting professionals. We are strategically located in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation to serve our valued customers and our widespread DHG network. Originally located in the Colwick Towers building in the Cotswold area, DHG moved into the SouthPark area in 1974. Due to the growth of the firm, we are now located in the Capital Towers building on Congress Street.

In order to facilitate a seamless cross-collaboration and communication among departments, our executives, a portion of our Firm Administration team including Firm Marketing and HR, a portion of our Digital Technology Service group and a number of industry specific teams are located in our SouthPark office. The professionals in the SouthPark office offer assurance, tax and advisory services, and the office is home to one of DHG's state-of-the-art digital forensics labs.

As a full-service accounting firm our national services include:

Our industries include:

Charlotte is a rapidly growing metroplex with an abundance of cultural, entertainment, health and service avenues to explore. At DHG we love our city and value every opportunity we have to interact with and give back to our community.  Some of our HQ corporate giving initiatives include:

  • Annual Client Day of Service
  • Count the Cans
  • NCACPA Day of Service
  • United Way Annual Campaign