b'Supporting overall population health is foreseen as driving growth in the next year: GROWTHHealth Systems and provider organizations are prioritizing growth through mergers, acquisitions, affiliations, GROWTH and partnerships in an effort to regionalize care, create scalability and improve financial performance.Primary BehavioralPopulation Health Care Health ProgramsRegardless of the size of the organization, Health Systems are putting a priority on revisiting and reevaluating their strategic plans after COVID-19.Respondents66% 51% 53%to the MINDSETS survey said that a clear focus for these systems is evolving their strategies for developing and executing upon strategic mergers, affiliations, acquisitions, and partnerships (MAAP) as a prime driver for growth and financial stability.Of respondents identified these as these focuses drivers of growth in the next year45% Foresee consolidations continuing with strength, with Affiliations being the most dominant optionIn light of COVID-19, do you plan to revise your enterprise strategic plan before it runs past its current timing?MINDSETS also indicated that 45 percent of health system executives believe consolidation of services will accelerate within their markets, with over 79 percent believing the ability to increase financial stability through regionalization and comprehensive network design are the primary drivers behind the consolidationsOUT OF 87and affiliations. Two primary themes were the predominant focus of C-Suite executives. First was a recognition of their need to enhance their system through regionalization,49.43% 28.74% 18.39% 3.45%growth, consolidation, and affiliations, with over 56% responding that financial sustainability is the key factor behind consolidation. The other significant pressure was the need to develop and evolve their continuum of care focusing on population health and value-based services, with a focus on primary care, virtual health, and43 CHOSE 25 CHOSE 16 CHOSE 3 CHOSEambulatory models of care to complement their acute care operations. There is a deep understanding within the executives that responded around the importance of shifting to value and the impact on their need to have a clear strategy for execution and a plan to close the gap for services and capabilities. Yes To be determined No Unsure / Cannot discussIf so, within what timeframe?21 CHOSE 7-12 MONTHS14 CHOSE 0-6OUT OF 43MONTHS6 CHOSE 13-24MONTHS2 CHOSE 24+ MONTHSAssurance/Tax/Advisory/dhg.com 8 9 2021 Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. All rights reserved. DHG is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP.'