b'Welcome to MINDSETS 2021Earlier this year, DHG Healthcare conducted our second annual Senior Leadership Survey, MINDSETS. The surveyincluded a cross-section of the nations C-Suite executives from across the provider landscape. MINDSETS was designed to gather the collective insights of industry insiders, identify key challenges driving the post-COVID market, and surface strategic themes that leaders employed to meet those challengeswith the specific objective of ultimatelysharing those perspectives with our clients and friends.What emerged from the survey were four distinct themes centered around strategy, growth, value-based care, and organizational health. As you will see in our analysis, COVID-19 infection rates andsequential variants are still challenging healthcare organizations and the communities they serve. But amid these challenges, innovation and growth have begun to re-emerge. In the following pages, we willdive deeper into each of these themes and identify potential strategies healthcare executives can implement to address the challenges raised by COVID-19and our industrys continued progress post-pandemic. As always, our commitment at DHG Healthcare is to bring passion and innovation to our clients and the communities they serve. We hope you see MINDSETS The right mindset is at the heart of 2021 as just our most recent expression of this commitment.Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any comments or questions about MINDSETS - or if theres anything any of us at DHG Healthcare can do for the focus, effort and determinationyou or your organization.Sincerely, behind any significant achievement,Kevin Locketoday, tomorrow and beyond.Kevin Locke Managing Principal, DHG Healthcarekevin.locke@dhg.com2'